Division 1 Relay Carnival Recap

There are too many feelings and too few words to describe the Division 1 Relay Carnival from last night. Despite forecasts from the past week predicting the annual deluge that occurs on relay carnival Wednesday every summer, this year everything went off without a hitch. With a packed house, an energetic DJ, and six electric team cheering sections, the Overlee pool area was the place to be!

Coming into the meet, Chesterbrook and Tuckahoe were heavy favorites to win the team trophy, the first of three championships in the NVSL triple crown. However, an ever-improving Overlee Swim Team, led by the senior swimmers, and reinforced by die-hard age group athletes, shocked the division! Needing to make up for a lopsided point spread, Overlee had to move up as much as possible, while not allowing their top seeded relays to slip, or worse, disqualify. Sure enough, from the very beginning, the Flying Fish started to make their ascent! With a little luck from other teams disqualifying–including Chesterbrook losing two relays entirely due to early take-offs–and an overwhelming number of terrific individual swims that would transform into team-lifting group efforts by the relay as a whole proved to be all the difference in this meet!

Below we have provided every relay from the night, as well as a team tally (Overlee/Chesterbrook/Tuckahoe (for most of the meet)) throughout the meet, so you can see just how close the teams were, and just how critical every single swim was! The lane assignment to start the meet was Tuckahoe (1), Chesterbrook (2), Highlands (3), Wakefield Chapel (4), McLean (5), Overlee (6)– each team moves up a lane per event.

Mixed Age Girls: Lauren Hartel, Aida Young, Alice Bruce, Kayle Park (6th) lane 6         O: 2 CB:8  T: 14

Mixed Age Boys: Tommy Weber, Billy Weber, Ryan York, Sam Ellison (2nd) lane 1   O: 12 CB:8 (DQ)  T: 28

8-Under Girls Medley: Sofia Hess, Moira Kinsella, Molly Kinsella, Izzy Eisenberg (2nd) lane 2  O: 22 CB: 22  T: 32

8-Under Boys Medley: Jackson Bravery, George Cocker, Sully Portner, Nick Tressler (4th) lane 3 O: 28 CB: 32  T: 46

9-10 Girls Medley: Grace Callahan, Aida Young, Michayla Eisenberg, Charlotte Wilhite (1st) Lane 4 O: 42 CB: 42  T: 52

9-10 Boys Medley: Billy Weber, Rory McNamara, Matthew Aslaksen, Evan Ingraham (2nd) lane 5 O: 52 CB: 48  T: 56

11-12 Girls Medley: Elysha York, Audrey Hartel, Ashley Park, Lauren Hartel (3rd) lane 6 O: 60 CB: 62  T: 60

11-12 Boys Medley: Tommy Weber, Will Hart, Chris Kinsella, Luke Aslaksen (3rd) Lane 1 O: 68 CB: 72  T: 74

13-14 Girls Medley: Alexis Lee, Sophia Grabman, Kate Bailey, Alice Bruce (1st) Lane 2 O: 82 CB: 80  T: 80

13-14 Boys Medley: Matthew Kress, Colin Singer, Henry Poutasse, Ryan York (5th) Lane 3 O: 86 CB: 90  T: 86

15-18 Girls Medley: Mary Kate Reicherter, Kayle Park, Ellie Ridgeway, Michaela Morrison (1st) Lane 4 O: 100 CB: 100  T: 92

15-18 Boys Medley: Nick Pasternak, Paul Kinsella, Jonathan Day, Sam Ellison (1st) Lane 5 O: 114 CB: 106  T: 102 *note* Tuckahoe set league record in this event in week 1–OVL sets new League Relay Record!

8-under Girls Free: Izzy Eisenberg, Molly Kinsella, Ella Hoopengardner, Moira Kinsella (2nd) lane 6 O: 124 CB: 120  T: 106

8-under Boys Free: George Cocker, Nick Tressler, Jackson Bravery, Sully Portner (4th) lane 1 O: 130 CB: 128  T: 120

9-10 Girls Free: Aida Young, Emme Yoder, Charlotte Wilhite, Grace Callahan (3rd) lane 2 O: 138 CB: 138  T: 108

9-10 Boys Free: Billy Weber, Roman Steiss, Matthew Aslaksen, Evan Ingraham (1st) Lane 3 O: 152 CB: 146  T: 112

11-12 Girls Free: Ashley Park, Elysha York, Audrey Hartel, Lauren Hartel (5th) Lane 4 O: 156 CB: 160

11-12 Boys Free: Luke Aslaksen, Chase Rosen, Chris Kinsella, Tommy Weber (3rd) Lane 5 O: 164 CB: 174

13-14 Girls Free: Kate Bailey, Alexis Lee, Emmie Ridgeway, Alice Bruce (2nd) Lane 6    O: 174 CB: 180

13-14 Boys Free: Matthew Kress, Matteo Roman, Henry Poutasse, Ryan York (3rd) Lane 1 O: 182 CB: 180 *DQ*

15-18 Girls Free: Ellie Ridgeway, Maggie Shipley, Michaela Morrison, Kayle Park () Lane 2 O: 192 CB: 186

15-18 Boys Free: Nick Pasternak, Paul Kinsella, Jonathan Day, Sam Ellison (3rd) Lane 3 O: 200 CB: 192

The Announcement! (Tell me this isn’t one of the best rivalries in all of sports!)

The Final Product! (This is what Family looks like!)


This is what the coaches had to say after the meet!

Overlee has won 4 of the last 5 Division 1 Relay Carnivals, and will take most if not all of their 22 relays to Greenbrier next week for the Allstar Relay Carnival!

We have a big meet @Tuckahoe on Saturday–stay tuned for more interviews, meet predictions and other exclusive content!

4 thoughts on “Division 1 Relay Carnival Recap

  1. Wow! What a fantastic recap of the big OVL 🏆win last night! I loved that you listed the scores after each event, very cool. Can’t wait to see how they do at all stars next week. 💪🏻
    We should find out pretty soon how many make it back. Do I hear 22?? 🤔🤞🏻


  2. Torey 15-18 girls Medley broke NVSL record–first and only team to go under 2:00!!

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