The Flying Fish Feature Vol.1 1st ed.

There is a new newsletter going around this summer that boosters everywhere are going to want to check out–below we have included a copy of the publication!

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Meet Preview: Chesterbrook @Overlee

The final meet of the NVSL season is upon us, boosters, and you already know what that means–the undefeated Chesterbrook Tiger Sharks will compete against the undefeated Overlee Flying Fish for the Division 1 championship! In what has become an annual clash of the titans between the two strongest summer swim teams in Northern Virginia, […]

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Overlee Coaches Season Review

Having sat down with the Overlee coaches throughout the season to gain their insights, we wanted to get together with them one more time to learn about the progress that was made this season, and how that has set up the Flying Fish for their final meet with Chesterbrook. Coach Andrew Koons and Brenna Broadus […]

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Allstar Relay Carnival Recap

Last night, the 2017 Overlee Flying Fish demonstrated that they are truly a force to be reckoned with, as they won their 26th league relay title in the 41 year history of the meet by a whopping 86 points over Chesterbrook. Though some age groups are stronger than others, in order to beat this year’s […]

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All-Star Relay Carnival Preview

With four days left in the season, there are still two more jewels to be won in the triple crown. As has been the case for most of the past decade, both Overlee and Chesterbrook head into the Allstar meet undefeated. However, anyone who has been there for the duel meet will tell you that […]

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The Official Homegrown Conversation

Among the many unique Overlee aspects is a founded commitment on part of its older members to continually give back to the community, and stay engaged. Throughout the year, senior swimmers, alumni, and parents work to improve the experience everyone has, whether it be the team reps organizing the season, dedicated parents holding positions on […]

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Week 4 Recap: Overlee @Tuckahoe

The meet at Tuckahoe lived up to all the hype! There was a lot of excitement between the two teams, but this meet was all about the swims in the pool–compared to other rivalries that expend a lot of energy on the sideline. Numerous team and league records fell, while countless other races came down […]

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Week 4 Preview: Overlee @Tuckahoe

The summer swim season may appear to be winding down with only two duel meets left, but hang on boosters–this next week is the longest and fastest seven days of the year. Without a doubt, this week’s Relay Carnival win was incredibly exciting, but we face a major challenge in the duel meet at Tuckahoe, […]

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