Overlee swim team has been competing in the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) since 1957. Since helping to form the NVSL, Overlee (O) has never dropped out of Division 1, the league’s top division for competition. During that span, the Flying Fish have won nearly half of the Division 1 Championships with 29 banners to date. Additionally, Overlee has won more All-Star and Division 1 relay carnivals than any other pool, cementing its legacy as the premier summer swim club in the Washington DC area.

For the better part of a century, Overlee has been at the center of the swimming universe. From pioneering the ‘flip turn’, to its induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, to launching countless successful swimming and coaching careers, all the while maintaining the status as the team to beat in one of the deepest competitive swim pockets in the world, Overlee has earned its reputation.

The legacy continues, with new coaches, swimmers, and families joining our ranks every year. The countless achievements have been due in large part to the undying support the team receives year round from informal boosters (team reps, volunteers, alumni, board members, pool staff, etc)–boasting a 300+ person team is quite the task, and finding continued success takes a village.

With the foundation of a formal Booster Club, we seek to provide an everlasting support system, allowing Flying Fish around the world to follow the action and stay up to date on who the people are making history in Orange and White each year. Furthermore, we aim to support the swim team in any capacity deemed necessary to create fun, memorable, and successful summers for everyone involved. Additionally, we want to preserve the bonds and memories made during the years by facilitating an alumni network, and creating a historical archive that future generations will be able to learn from and draw upon for inspiration. Our goal is to make swimming for and supporting Overlee a life-long endeavor, simply by making it easier to be involved with the team no matter what stage of life you are in–even if that means giving you a reason to swing by the pool for a Saturday morning meet.

We also believe it is important to continue to support our graduated Flying Fish. We are happy to post updates on major life events taking place. If you or someone you know has anything noteworthy happening, please let us know so we can put it out to the larger booster community!

We welcome any help that people have to offer–whether that be taking an active role, or passing along photos, memories, or anything Overlee related–you help to make the Overlee Booster Club what it is!

Please email any questions, comments, inquiries, and contributions to OVLBoosters@gmail.com