Allstar Relay Carnival Recap

Last night, the 2017 Overlee Flying Fish demonstrated that they are truly a force to be reckoned with, as they won their 26th league relay title in the 41 year history of the meet by a whopping 86 points over Chesterbrook. Though some age groups are stronger than others, in order to beat this year’s […]

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Week 4 Recap: Overlee @Tuckahoe

The meet at Tuckahoe lived up to all the hype! There was a lot of excitement between the two teams, but this meet was all about the swims in the pool–compared to other rivalries that expend a lot of energy on the sideline. Numerous team and league records fell, while countless other races came down […]

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Division 1 Relay Carnival Recap

There are too many feelings and too few words to describe the Division 1 Relay Carnival from last night. Despite forecasts from the past week predicting the annual deluge that occurs on relay carnival Wednesday every summer, this year everything went off without a hitch. With a packed house, an energetic DJ, and six electric […]

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