A Conversation with the Overlee 2017 Graduating Seniors

A swimming career at Overlee is filled with memories that will last a lifetime. However, being a Flying Fish means much more than hundreds of swim practices, swimming best times, and winning meets–our graduating seniors sat down with us to provide their thoughts and feelings of what it meant to be a part of the Overlee Swim Team!

Ellie Ridgeway, Austin Park, Allison Loranger, Maddi Reicherter, and Michaela Morrison go in depth with us to tell the world what it means to be an Overlee senior, what growing up at Overlee has meant to them in terms of personal development, and their hopes for the younger swimmers coming up the ranks!

Being at the middle point in the season, we thought it was necessary to catch up with this group before they get too busy with all the extra preparation and execution that goes on in and out of the pool ahead of the big meets! For many spectators and younger swimmers, the seniors are a group larger than life, who seem to move mountains just to provide a worthwhile experience for everyone else involved. It was beyond humbling to hear from them what that looks and feels like, and why they do it! This has been one of the most special moments we have gotten to share with the team all year, so please enjoy this Booster Club exclusive interview!

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