Meet Preview: Chesterbrook @Overlee

The final meet of the NVSL season is upon us, boosters, and you already know what that means–the undefeated Chesterbrook Tiger Sharks will compete against the undefeated Overlee Flying Fish for the Division 1 championship! In what has become an annual clash of the titans between the two strongest summer swim teams in Northern Virginia, […]

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All-Star Relay Carnival Preview

With four days left in the season, there are still two more jewels to be won in the triple crown. As has been the case for most of the past decade, both Overlee and Chesterbrook head into the Allstar meet undefeated. However, anyone who has been there for the duel meet will tell you that […]

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Week 4 Preview: Overlee @Tuckahoe

The summer swim season may appear to be winding down with only two duel meets left, but hang on boosters–this next week is the longest and fastest seven days of the year. Without a doubt, this week’s Relay Carnival win was incredibly exciting, but we face a major challenge in the duel meet at Tuckahoe, […]

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Week 2 Preview: Overlee @McLean

In our annual meet with the McLean Marlins, supporters of both teams are treated to the best of what the NVSL has to offer. This clash features not only some of the best summer league swimmers, but the best all-around swimmers in the DC area (and country/world in recent years). Though Overlee has never lost […]

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