Overlee Coaches Season Review

Having sat down with the Overlee coaches throughout the season to gain their insights, we wanted to get together with them one more time to learn about the progress that was made this season, and how that has set up the Flying Fish for their final meet with Chesterbrook. Coach Andrew Koons and Brenna Broadus […]

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The Official Homegrown Conversation

Among the many unique Overlee aspects is a founded commitment on part of its older members to continually give back to the community, and stay engaged. Throughout the year, senior swimmers, alumni, and parents work to improve the experience everyone has, whether it be the team reps organizing the season, dedicated parents holding positions on […]

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A Conversation with Overlee Assistant Coach Kaitlin Pawlowicz

At Overlee, we are incredibly fortunate for the many advantages our young athletes are given–a competitive and supportive community, excellent facilities, and world-class coaching. Among the many fantastic coaching talents walking the pool deck this summer, is one who is in the 99.9th percentile for swimming experience. Kaitlin Pawlowicz moved to Virginia from Michigan at […]

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