A Conversation with the Overlee 9-10 Girls

The Overlee 9-10 Girls are a lot of things–lively, fun-loving, dominant…one thing they are not, as our interview shows, is short on words! This age group has been picking up points in bunches all season, but they have also been at the core of the team’s spirit as well. Rarely, do you find a group […]

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Division 1 Relay Carnival Recap

There are too many feelings and too few words to describe the Division 1 Relay Carnival from last night. Despite forecasts from the past week predicting the annual deluge that occurs on relay carnival Wednesday every summer, this year everything went off without a hitch. With a packed house, an energetic DJ, and six electric […]

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A Conversation with Overlee Assistant Coach Kaitlin Pawlowicz

At Overlee, we are incredibly fortunate for the many advantages our young athletes are given–a competitive and supportive community, excellent facilities, and world-class coaching. Among the many fantastic coaching talents walking the pool deck this summer, is one who is in the 99.9th percentile for swimming experience. Kaitlin Pawlowicz moved to Virginia from Michigan at […]

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Week 2 Recap: Overlee vs McLean

This past weekend, the Overlee Flying Fish traveled to McLean Swim and Tennis club for the second meet of the summer season. Heading into the meet, we predicted a 70 point victory for Overlee based on depth of swimmers; however, those expectations were vastly outperformed. Overlee picked up points they were not seeded to win […]

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Week 2 Preview: Overlee @McLean

In our annual meet with the McLean Marlins, supporters of both teams are treated to the best of what the NVSL has to offer. This clash features not only some of the best summer league swimmers, but the best all-around swimmers in the DC area (and country/world in recent years). Though Overlee has never lost […]

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