Week 5 Recap: Chesterbrook @Overlee

The Overlee competitive swim season has drawn to a close with a tough end to a terrific season. The Flying Fish fell to the Chesterbrook Tiger Sharks in the final meet of the season by a score of 188-232. As was to be expected, every race was very exciting, and, unfortunately, not enough of the close swims broke our way. While the score may not show it, the meet was incredibly close–Overlee had an unexpected lead after freestyle with numerous orange and white swimmers stepping up to score points they were not seeded to win. However, Chesterbrook closed the door in backstroke, and won the races they were expected to win for nearly the remainder of the meet. Overlee needed to make up a 20 point deficit, and was unable to cut into the Tiger Shark’s strength in the latter half of the meet.

Regardless of outcome, it was a fantastic morning–we had a great booster tailgate, and enjoyed our senior recognition ceremony before the meet. There was overwhelmingly more to celebrate this season than disappointments suffered, and most importantly the team and boosters had a ton of fun! We have thoroughly enjoyed covering the season, and look forward to keeping our boosters near and far up to date on all things Flying Fish!

Thank you Overlee swimmers, coaches, volunteers, and boosters!

Below are all the race videos from the meet–Overlee will be back next season looking to reclaim the league crown!

8-Under Boys Free

8-Under Girls Free

9-10 Boys Free

9-10 Girls Free

11-12 Boys Free

11-12 Girls Free

13-14 Boys Free

13-14 Girls Free

15-18 Boys Free

15-18 Girls Free

8-Under Boys Back

8-Under Girls Back

9-10 Boys Back

9-10 Girls Back

11-12 Boys Back

11-12 Girls Back

13-14 Boys Back

13-14 Girls Back

15-18 Boys Back

15-18 Girls Back

8-Under Boys Breast

8-Under Girls Breast

9-10 Boys Breast

9-10 Girls Breast

11-12 Girls Breast

13-14 Boys Breast

13-14 Girls Breast

15-18 Boys Breast

15-18 Girls Breast

8-Under Boys Fly

8-Under Girls Fly

9-10 Boys Fly

9-10 Girls Fly

11-12 Boys Fly

11-12 Girls Fly

13-14 Boys Fly

13-14 Girls Fly

15-18 Boys Fly

15-18 Girls Fly

8-Under Boys Relay

8-Under Girls Relay

9-10 Girls Relay

11-12 Boys Relay

11-12 Girls Relay

13-14 Boys Relay

13-14 Girls Relay

15-18 Boys Relay

15-18 Girls Relay

Boys Mixed Age Relay

Girls Mixed Age Relay

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