A Conversation with the Overlee Team Reps: Kaya Orkand and Julie Aslaksen

With a week left in the season, and so many successes to already celebrate, we thought it was overdue to finally sit down with the miracle workers who make everything possible at Overlee. Kaya and Julie stepped up to lead the team this season when no one else would, and are doing a fantastic job. With an undefeated record, a successful job hosting relay carnival (and winning it), and, in general, creating another memorable season for all swimmers and their families to rattle off a few achievements, there is not much more that could be asked of our fearless leaders. However, there is much more to the job than most people understand–seriously, when was the last time you really thought about how much behind the scenes work it takes to organize even just one week of meets and practice? These ladies, and all team reps who have gone before, deserve all the credit in the world, and that is why we made a point to sit down with Julie and Kaya to get their perspective on the role they play, the feelings that come with it, and more! If you are a swimmer, your kids swim, or you simply love Overlee, make sure to thank these remarkable leaders for everything they do!

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Thank you Julie and Kaya for everything you do! While you are up late moving mountains, we sleep easy knowing we are in good hands!

One thought on “A Conversation with the Overlee Team Reps: Kaya Orkand and Julie Aslaksen

  1. You are spot on, here! We are so indebted to all the team reps who have served the swimmers, parents and mostly, the coaches, for the often thankless love, guidance, cheerleading, communication and hand-holding they’ve provided us over the years. I am so glad you’ve included them here because they are the backbone of the team and without them, Overlee Swimming wouldn’t have nearly the success it has had in the last 60 years. MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, TEAM REPS!! We dedicate every crown and the success it represents, to you!
    🔶 🏆 👏🏼 👑 👑 👑 👏🏼 🏆 🔶

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