Week 4 Recap: Overlee @Tuckahoe

The meet at Tuckahoe lived up to all the hype! There was a lot of excitement between the two teams, but this meet was all about the swims in the pool–compared to other rivalries that expend a lot of energy on the sideline. Numerous team and league records fell, while countless other races came down to hundredths of seconds at the touch. Coming into the meet, Overlee needed several things to break their way, and when it was all said and done, they got the best of things through a total team effort! Starting with the very first race of the morning, Overlee improved on their seeded point deficit, making things easier for themself by only needing four relays to win!

In case you missed it, Overlee won 217-203. We predicted a 220-200 win for the Flying Fish, while winning seven relays to get there. Though missing the mark on the relay tally (Overlee won 5 of the 12 relays), Overlee truly outperformed expectations in the individual events. On paper Overlee was seeded to be behind 37-53 after freestyle–in reality we were back 43-47, putting Overlee at +6 in the point margin. Backstroke should have been 80-100 after backstroke–Overlee picked up enough points to be up 95-84, putting us at +15. Breaststroke was seeded to have Tuckahoe winning 123-147, but Overlee kept stepping up making the score 142-128, moving the margin to +19. Butterfly ended on a high note with a few incredible races by the seniors, putting the score at 192-168, where it should have been 157-203. Over the course of the individual events, Overlee had a point margin of +35, which is in effect a 70 point swing! In a meet that was seeded to have the Flying Fish lose by 30, Overlee did twice as much work as was needed to give themselves a chance to win!

One race after the next, the Orange and White challenged their competitors, and walked away with a well deserved win. This is by far one of the best true team efforts we have seen over the years against an incredibly talented and deep team. In the end, it came down to who wanted it more! Overlee is now 4-0,  and looks to compete for the second jewel in the triple crown Wednesday at All-star relays before hosting Chesterbrook for the Division 1 championship. On a historic note, the win today gives Overlee their 220th win all-time!

Below are several of the best race videos from the day though many more occurred!

8-Under Girls 25 Free: Moira Kinsella, Molly Kinsella, and Izzy Eisenberg go 1-2-3!

11-12 Girls 50 Free: Lauren Hartel steals an important second place!

13-14 Boys 50 Free: Ryan York cruises to a big first place!

15-18 Boys 50 Free: Sam Ellison grabs third in a heat separating 1-4 by only 4 tenths!

15-18 Girls 50 Free: Ellie Ridgeway gets third, missing second by 8 hundredths!

8-Under Girls 25 Back: Sofia Hess and Mackenzie Smith take first and second!

9-10 Boys 50 Back: Billy Weber wins in the back half, with Rory McNamara taking third!

11-12 Girls 50 Back: Elysha York wins a big race, with Ashley Park taking third!

13-14 Boys 50 Back: Ryan York and Matthew Kress take away first and third!

15-18 Boys 50 Back: Nick Pasternak blows past the competition at the turn to steal first!

15-18 Girls 50 Back: Mary Kate Reicherter, Kayle Park, and Michaela Morrison sweep!

8-Under 25 Breast: Moira Kinsella and Hadley Scribner go 1-3!

11-12 Boys 50 Breast: Buddy Sleighter and Will Hart flip the script taking first and third–missing second by 2 hundredths!

15-18 Boys 50 Breast: Paul Kinsella takes second in a close one, but breaks Brady Almand’s Overlee Recordby 4 tenths…as a 15 year old!

8-Under Girls 25 Fly: Molly Kinsella leaves the competition in the dust to win!

9-10 Boys 25 Fly: Evan Ingraham and Matthew Aslaksen go 1-2 to bolster the lead!

9-10 Girls 25 Fly: Aida Young squeaks out first with Michayla Eisenberg taking third!

11-12 Girls 50 Fly: Ashley Park never looks back from the start winning first convincingly in a race she was supposed to lose, with Ashley Hartel taking away third!

15-18 Boys 50 Fly: In a race we were meant to  get only third in, Nick Pasternak, Jonathan Day, and Sam Ellison end up sweeping in one of the best individual eventperformances I have ever seen!

8-Under Girls Free Relay: Overlee got its first of 4 needed relay wins from Izzy Eisenberg, Molly Kinsella, Ella Hoopengardner, and Moira Kinsella!

13-14 Girls Medley Relay: Overlee wins the meet with another great swim from Alexis Lee, Sophia Grabman, Kate Bailey, and Alice Bruce!

15-18 Boys Medley Relay: After breaking the NVSL relay carnival record on Wednesday, Overlee (1:46.51) was overcome by Tuckahoe (1:46.02) here as they both broke the Saturday NVSL record–this was a controversial swim with many people claiming the Tuckahoe butterfly swimmer left early–it is very close, and from this angle there is no clear answer, but it was an incredible swim regardless. This sets up a fantastic rubber match on Wednesday at Allstars as the two teams will go head to head one final time!

15-18 Girls Medley Relay: The League Record holders put on a clinic winning this relay by a mile!

18-Under Boys Mixed Age Relay: Tuckahoe wins this by .06 seconds, but a very well swum race by the whole team!

This is the final week of the season, so expect a bunch of new exclusive content to take us through All-Star relays and the Chesterbrook meet!

Stay tuned and keep boosting!

3 thoughts on “Week 4 Recap: Overlee @Tuckahoe

  1. I have video of the relay if you want me to send it to you. Different angle.

    I can text it to you if you want or we can let it go 🙂


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