Week 3 Recap: Wakefield Chapel @Overlee

For the second straight week, the Overlee Flying Fish have gone above and beyond their expectations. On paper, Overlee was roughly a 70 point favorite against the Wakefield Chapel Wahoos–our own prediction put them at 80 point favorites. However, when it was all said and done, Overlee emerged victorious with a score of 272-148, almost 130 points ahead! The morning was full of fantastic swims by athletes in every age group, but the real difference in this meet was the overall team depth Overlee has. Though losing a number of very close races that could have gone either way at the finish, the Orange and White bolstered the results with hard swims by the kids swimming outside of lane 3. The momentum carried throughout the morning, as new personal bests were set by the majority of swimmers! Furthermore, the team has made enormous strides towards improving the small parts of their races, like attacking their turns aggressively, and having fast starts and breakouts. The spirit is strong, and the kids are having a great time swimming and being members of the team–no doubt having positive attitudes in large numbers can only add to the resilience of an already dominant swim team!

Below are a number of race videos from the day that we hope will bring the numbers to life! As boosters, we are confident about the direction the team is headed in for the final stretch of the season with Divisional and All-Star Relay carnivals, as well as the Tuckahoe and Chesterbrook duel meets!

8-Under Boys 25 Free: Sully Portner is narrowly touched out at the wall by .04 seconds to take second place

9-10 Girls 50 Free: Aida Young holds on for first, while Charlotte Wilhite manages to pull of third!

11-12 Boys 50 Free: Tommy Weber and Luke Aslaksen go 1-2, stepping up big to beat the higher seeded swimmer in lane 4!

13-14 Boys 50 Free: Ryan York finds himself in a dog fight to the finish with two tough swimmers on either side of him–though getting third in this race, it was a great race that was decided by two tenths from first to third!

13-14 Girls 50 Free: Alice Bruce and Emmie Ridgeway take second and third less than a second off the leader, with Elyse Hartmann right there with them!

15-18 Boys 50 Free: Sam Ellison gets off the block quick and outpaces his opponents to get first in a time of 24.85, which puts him under the critical 25 second mark for the first time this season!

15-18 Girls 50 Free: Ellie Ridgeway just loses it at the touch, but swims a strong race for second place!

9-10 Girls 50 Back: Grace Callahan swims a terrific race that looks like she may have won, but the times come back with her taking second by .05 seconds–Dabney Hegg and Charlotte Wilhite were there on her heals to get third and fourth!

11-12 Girls 50 Back: Elysha York swims another great race to lose first by .02 seconds–Caroline Singer and Janie Gallagher closed out third and fourth!

15-18 Girls 50 Back: Kayle Park wins this one from lane 5 with Mary Kate Reicherter taking third–there was no DQ on this race!

8-Under Boys 25 Breast: George Cocker continues to impress with a fantastic finish at the wall to win first!

9-10 Girls 50 Breast: Grace Callahan comes back to win this one, with Emmy Hart staying in it to win third!

11-12 Boys 50 Breast: Buddy Sleighter and Will Hart come to the wall together winning first and second, touching only .05 seconds apart!

11-12 Girls 50 Breast: As a demonstration for how good the competition always is at this level, regardless of team point totals, this race is hard evidence–the swimmer from Wakefield Chapel sets a blistering pace, and misses the league record by a few tenths, with Audrey Hartel coming in second for Overlee!

15-18 Boys 50 Breast: 15 year old Paul Kinsella continues his incredible season at the bottom of the age group by picking up this huge win, with Sam Ellison there to get third!

13-14 Girls 50 Fly: Kate Bailey, Alexis Lee and Emmie Ridgeway go 1, 2, 3 for the Flying Fish to sweep!

15-18 Girls 50 Fly: Ellie Ridgeway puts her power on display here, beating a tough field to win first!

18-Under Boys 200 Mixed Age Relay: Tommy Weber, Billy Weber, Ryan York, and Sam Ellison fight the whole way to steal a win by .03 seconds, setting up an epic rematch ahead of Wednesdays Relay Carnival! Great to see the team still swimming hard after the meet has been decided much earlier!

Overlee improves to 3-0 on the season, setting up a sure to be drama-filled final two weeks!

Make sure to stay plugged in to the boosterblog throughout the week for interviews with our graduating seniors, team reps, and relay teams, as well as meet predictions and other Booster Club exclusive content!

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